Nonwoven Carding Solutions

Highest precision and carding efficiency
  1. Up to 10% higher throughput thanks to optimized web transfer
  2. Higher operator efficiency with reduced fiber fly
  3. Significantly fewer failures in the web


The superior performance of Graf’s innovative card clothing for roller cards can boost the production rates with a significantly higher throughput and greater carding efficiency compared to conventional clothing. Graf clothing also ensures consistently high web quality. From hygiene articles through to noise insulation products, it is a solution that can enhance the production for any man-made fiber in the nonwoven sector. 

Challenges and solutions ahead

The biggest challenge nonwoven manufacturers face is the ability to obtain consistent quality for a wide range of raw materials, without compromising throughput and process stability. With Graf’s nonwoven solution – when clothing is adjusted perfectly, and machine conditions are optimized in line with the raw materials and output – configurations can be guaranteed for any application regardless of fiber type, web weight and end product. The unmatched flexibility and agility of our metallic card clothing, therefore, gives customers an enviable advantage in a market poised for healthy growth over the coming years. 

The precise fiber transfer to and from the cylinder with Graf metallic card clothing brings optimal processing with significantly fewer failures compared to other card clothing solutions. Continuously high process stability provides web quality that consistently replicates across any application throughout the entire lifetime of the clothing. 

Graf clothing is produced to the highest quality level and brings an unrivaled depth in vertical integration, irrespective of the machine manufacturer. In collaboration with customers, Graf is continuously improving the carding and mixing of fibers through the research and development process. This ensures that Graf metallic card clothing for roller cards is optimized for real applications in the processing of man-made and natural fibers. 


  • Metallic card clothing for nonwovens

    The Graf metallic card clothing are suitable for the assembly of cards of various manufacturers and technologies and lead to maximum machine performance and reduced raw material consumption.



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