Clothing for Spinning

Outstanding quality at highest production

Graf card clothing enables to produce fibers of consistent high quality, without compromising on process stability. Graf cards offer an extended lifetime, reducing maintenance and downtime interruptions.

The right combination of Graf cylinder wire and flexible flats delivers excellent sliver quality, even with a high trash content of more than 8%. Improved parallelization of the fibers can decrease imperfections on fine yarn count by as much as 15%. The exceptional raw material yields can also significantly reduce your overall yarn costs, delivering optimized yarn for all your fabrics and textiles, from Ne 8 coarse yarn to an extra fine yarn count up to Ne 150.


  • Metallic card clothing

    Carding wires from Graf are particularly gentle to fibers. Designed for consistent sliver quality and high process stability, they also offer you an exceptionally long lifetime.

  • Flexible flats

    Working in perfect combination with the wire under even the highest forces, Graf flexible flat clothing prevents damage and improves parallelization of the fibers.

  • Stationary flats

    Graf stationary flats improve the opening of fibers even before they enter the pre-carding zone. This optimal opening prevents unopened fiber flakes from entering the flexible flat zone.

  • Cleaning and stripping fillets

    Graf offers low-speed- and high-speed top cleaning fillets that enhance the quality of the carding. All of the cleaning fillets are nickel-plated as standard and offer high, long-lasting flexibility.

  • Cotton yarn package

    Graf technology components offers a perfectly matching card clothing that optimize all types of yarn applications, whether cotton or cotton blends.

  • Clothing for blowroom

    Operator-friendly adjustable settings and intensive mixing of the fibers provide a consistently high sliver quality. Overall, Graf blowroom clothing can increase the raw material utilization.

  • Clothing for OE opening rollers

    Graf metallic card clothing ensures the best quality in OE opening rollers.