Metallic Card Clothing

Gentle to fibers and designed for consistent sliver quality plus high process stability
  1. Consistent sliver quality
  2. High process stability
  3. Longer lifetime

Product Details

Carding wires from Graf are particularly gentle to fibers. Designed for consistent sliver quality and high process stability, they also offer an exceptionally long lifetime. Graf carding wires are suitable for cotton, man-made and regenerated fibers and will work across a wide range of carding applications, with numerous manufacturer systems and technologies.  

The Graf portfolio covers carding wires for the widest possible range of card models and their demanding applications. 



One of the daily challenges for spinning mills is creating consistent yarn quality from raw materials with significant variations.

Graf card clothing enables customers to produce fibers of equal quality without compromising on lifetime and process stability –  even with higher levels of contaminated cotton. Increasing short fiber content can be easily achieved with the right Graf product.    

Graf carding wires work with cotton, cotton blends, man-made or recycled fibers in any condition. Full flexibility delivers optimized yarn for all fabrics and textiles, from coarse to extra fine count yarn from Ne 8 to Ne 150. 

Cards and their components are at the heart of a spinning mill and are crucial for the quality of the yarn. Graf Metallic Card Clothing meets that need thanks to its Swiss engineered design for consistent sliver quality plus high process stability.


TUCAN carding wire

Designed to handle up to 1 100 tons of material without grinding, TUCAN carding wire ensures Yarn IPI quality at an optimal, constant level. Its Swiss Engineered tooth design allows more fibers in the carding gap, enhancing carding performance and efficiency.

TUCAN requires no grinding equipment, skilled labor, downtime or troubles. Its innovative tooth design, featuring a long tooth backbone, elongated tip back and stump tip angle, handle up to 1 100 tons of material without any grinding required. Additionally, its higher stiffness and wear resistance, thanks to the MULTISHARP alloy, guarantee an even longer lifetime.


  • Grinding-free during 1 100 tons with cotton & blends ≤ Ne 60
  • No grinding equipment, no skilled labor, no downtime, no maintenance, no trouble
  • Yarn IPI quality at optimal constant level

Areas of application

  • For all cotton and cotton blends ≤ Ne 60

P 19 +40 S cylinder wire

The Cotton Yarn Package, consisting of the cylinder wire P 19 +40 S and the flexible flat resist-O-top C-60, is the perfectly matching card clothing which ensures better extended liftetime and higher process stability. 


  • Consistent sliver quality independent of the trash content – higher than 5% – of the incoming cotton fibers thanks to high process stability
  • Extended cylinder wire lifetime through CUTTYSHARP (+25%) and MULTISHARP (+50%) alloys
  • 15% extended lifetime of Graf flexible flats compared to conventional flexible flats

Areas of application

  • For all applications and requirements in cotton yarn production, irrespective of whether cotton or cotton blends.
  • Challenges such as increasing short fiber content and seed coat fragments are solved 


Depending on the application and demands, Graf can supply the following alloys:


The unique wear-resistant alloy MULTISHARP guarantees a longer lifetime, particularly when using abrasive synthetic fibers. MULTISHARP also ensures a consistently high carding performance across an extended lifetime of at least +50% compared to CUTTYSHARP alloy and less maintenance-induced downtime.

Areas of application

  • Cotton, synthetic and cellulose fibers, for high-production cards

  • Recommended for abrasive fibers and high throughput speeds

  • Can be used for cylinder clothing


CUTTYSHARP for the highest demands and lifetime up to 1'100 t for cylinder clothing
Recommended for card production rates of 50 kg/h and more. 


HIGH TECH is a steel alloy with special additives. Substantially increased lifetime compared to conventional clothing. Lifetime of up to 800 t can be easily achieved. Used for card production rates up to 50 kg/h.