History and Milestones


Graf Metallic of America turns 50. Established in 1971, Graf Metallic of America opened its doors in Spartanburg in 1975, in the midst of the revival of the U.S. textile industry.  

In the 1990’s, Graf America expanded its services to the nonwoven plants. The company’s key success factors include an unmatched range of card clothings, a 50 000 square foot warehouse, shop facility, and highly professional technical assistance.



Graf celebrates 100 years. What started with Jakob Graf producing flexible card clothing at home, identifies today as the world’s leading supplier of clothing and combs for carding and combing machines in short-staple spinning, as well as for producers and machine builders for the production of nonwovens. 


Acquisition by Rieter Group, the world’s leading supplier of systems for short-staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), Rieter develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components. Graf becomes part of the Business Group Components.


Gomitex becomes a supplier of coated foundations for flat clothing and fillets. Since 2000, Gomitex has been a company of Graf.


Acquisition of all shares by Ralph Graf and changeover into a holding company. 


Graf's management is represented by Georg and Ralph Graf, the third generation of Graf. 


Foundation of Graf Brazil, a subsidiary of Graf with an office in São Paulo. Following the growing textile market and the increasing demands, Graf set up its factory in 1989 in Barueri-SP, with 6600 m2 total of which the built-up area was 4278 m2.


Graf + Cie AG becomes a public company. 


Graf Kaardenbeslag N.V. is founded in Enschede (Netherlands). Today, Graf Netherlands is a supplier of Graf Rapperswil for card wire, profile wire & metallic card clothing and roller card clothing for nonwovens. 


Graf + Cie Ltd. in Rapperswil (Switzerland) is founded by Edwin Graf. 

1805 – 1872

Takeover of the clothing business by Samuel Graf, son of Jakob; subsequently three sons of Samuel Graf continued to run the clothing manufacturing business
• Rudolf Graf joined Schelling card clothing (which later moved to Italy)
• Jakob Graf ran the card clothing manufacturing in Suhr (AG)
• Wilhelm Graf operated the production of flexible clothing in Hombrechtikon (ZH)


Jakob Graf is starting with the manufactor of flexible card clothing as cottage industry in Leutwil, canton of Aargau.