Graf Future Day 2023

Graf Future Day 2023

Every day at Graf in Rapperswil offers numerous possibilities, but today was truly exceptional! Graf warmly welcomed young emerging talents and spent the National Future Day with them. The guiding principle was: 'Inform, inspire, and nurture!'

Graf provided insights into the company and its technologies, answered curious questions, and took the young guests on a fascinating journey through the professional world of fibers, yarns, and textiles.

What could be better than when an enthusiastic daughter, as part of her school homework, reflects on "What do you particularly like about your profession?" and "What must one be particularly good at to practice this profession?"

It is very  enjoyable and demonstrates that the young participants were not only interested but also benefitted sustainably from valuable insights into various professions. They were captivated with enthusiasm and curiosity for new professions and the world of fibers.



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