ITM 2022 was a pleasing success - thank you for visiting us

ITM 2022 from 14 – 18 June was a complete success. More than 64 500 visitors from 102 countries visited this outstanding exhibition in Istanbul. Over five days, Graf and Sarteks, our esteemed agent for Turkey, both had the chance to show their  customers the benefits of Graf clothing.

Especially recycling was a big issue. Spinning mills face the twin threats of rising energy and raw material costs. The good news is that Graf offers three dedicated, innovative card clothing packages which are specially designed for processing recycled fibers. These sets enable spinning mills to transform recycled cotton, cotton blends, and man-made clothing into high-value yarn up to Ne 20, opening a lucrative new market. 

Also the comb system for any cotton yarn application was of great interest. Graf offers a complete solution package for combing that ensures a maximum fiber yield. The package includes circular combs, top combs, top comb holders, and circular comb brushes, as well as accessories such as various cleaning devices. By combining these elements into a system, spinning mills can produce combed yarns according to their cotton characteristics, machine types, and yarn quality target.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all customers for their visit and great interest.