Kundenzeitschrift SPINNOVATION

Die Kundenzeitschrift SPINNOVATION, die von Rieters Sparte Komponenten herausgegeben wird, bietet wertvolles Wissen über Technologiekomponenten, Präzisionsspulmaschinen sowie Lösungen für die Produktion von Filamentgarnen und Vliesstoffen.

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Nr. 38 – Juni 2023

Nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Product news

  • Thread King III – revisiting a classic
    The third generation of the renowned Thread King winder
  • The first recyclable texturing disc
    The benchmark – now sustainable
  • HYPERTOP: the future of carding
    Up to 0.5% good fiber savings
  • i-Bearing, the wireless smart bearing
    Self-powered, intelligent, wireless bearing technology
  • ACC64 and ACC68 cots boost lifetime
    Up to 50% longer grinding intervals in compact spinning
  • Aiming at new records in fully automatic grinding
    Less than seven seconds for a grinding cycle


  • Better yarn. Higher performance. Less energy.
    COMPACTapron: a compacting device with no equal
  • Digitization to unlock performance and growth potential
    From data collection to performance boost

Success story

  • The most sold energy-saving spindle in the market
    Spreading success among spinning mills