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All the Graf novelties first presented at ITMA 2023 are designed to boost productivity, yield and sustainability, while reducing conversion costs.

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application: No Limits in Processing Fibers.

Flexible flat: HYPERTOP

With its patented multi-zone setting pattern and optimized tooth geometry, HYPERTOP offers unparalleled good fiber savings of up to 0.5% while ensuring constant and optimal yarn IPI values.


  • Up to 0.5% good fiber savings versus resist-O-top C-55
  • Yarn IPI quality at optimal constant or better level
  • Payback within one month
  • Higher card throughput or higher trash cotton possible

Carding wire: TUCAN

Say goodbye to grinding with cotton and blends ≤ Ne 60. TUCAN metallic card clothing has been specially designed to handle up to 1’100 tons of material without any grinding required.


  • Grinding-free during 1 100 tons with cotton & blends ≤ Ne 60
  • No grinding equipment, no skilled labor, no downtime, no maintenance, no trouble
  • Yarn IPI quality at optimal constant level

Circular comb: Ri-Q-Comb flex

This combined system from Graf circular comb and Rieter comber E90 delivers unparalleled performance and reliability, with optimized and consistent IPI values customers can rely on.


  • Graf as no. 1 in combs + Rieter as no. 1 in combers = best system
  • Needle finish ensures best and constant IPI values and fewer winding cuts
  • Best IPI and yield with +8% combing area and 130° surface
  • 50% longer lifetime of CUTTYSHARP alloy minimizes investment
  • Highest production rates (600 nips/min) ensured by robust lightweight design

Circular comb: INOACOMB flex

With the innovative needle finish system, better IPI (imperfection) values and fewer winding cuts are ensured over the lifetime of the equipment.


  • Needle finish ensures best and constant IPI values and fewer winding cuts
  • Optimal IPI and yield with 120° combing surface
  • 50% longer lifetime of CUTTYSHARP alloy minimizes investment
  • Lightweight design and precise counterweight deliver high production rates (max. 500 nips/min)

Flexible flat: EasyTop

EasyTop increases quality and saves time. The innovative magnetic adhesion technology reduces downtime by 30% during reclothing of aluminum flat bars.


  • Optimal carding gap resulting in best IPI yarn quality
  • Reclothing on the card by mill’s own staff
  • 30% reduced downtime for reclothing
  • No investment in equipment (DAM, DSM, DEW)
  • No equalization grinding after reclothing (DEW)

Service machine: DAM 35 flex flat

This 2-in-1 stripping and clipping machine for flexible flats delivers a precise and stable carding gap and allows a fast changeover.


  • Contributes to precise and stable carding gap
  • 2-in-1 machine for stripping and clipping flexible flats of any kind
  • Fast change-over from one flat type to another
  • Safe workplace

Recycling card clothing package

The new recycling card clothing packages enable mills to transform recycled cotton, cotton blends and man-made fibers into high-value yarn up to Ne 30.


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