Cleaning and Stripping Fillets

Extended lifetime delivers a smoother carding process
  1. Increased uptime
  2. Extended lifetime with perfect cleaning system
  3. Enhanced quality of carding


Graf offers low-speed- and high-speed top cleaning fillets that enhance the quality of the carding. All of the cleaning fillets are nickel-plated as standard and offer high, long-lasting flexibility. This is essential for an extended lifetime and increases the uptime of the carding machine. Combined with metallic card clothing and flat clothing, correct settings and appropriate maintenance, it’s the perfect cleaning system for quality yarn. 

Graf fillets are used for the cleaning of take-off and stripping rollers and to clean flat clothing. The Graf portfolio is suitable for all card types and includes the following products: 

  • Flat stripping fillets, available in a conventional design or custom-made for high performance cards  

  • Zigzag flat stripping fillets, which require only minimal drive power and assure optimal penetration of the flat clothing 

  • Spaced flat stripping fillet, bringing optimal cleaning with less strain on the flat clothing for reduced wear

  • Flat strippers, with various card-specific types for cleaning of flat clothing and flat cleaning brush 

  • Cleaning fillets, designed to keep the take-off roller clean and support the transfer of overflowing fibers into the suction system