ONYX Travellers –
An optimized surface functionalization

Key components for ring spinning machines, which are able to withstand rough conditions during application, have gained increased attention in recent years.

Customer support is key
Customer service is a priority at Graf’s and professional support for our customers is not just an empty phrase but a promise.

HP-GX 3010RPT Top Weighting Arm
Mechanical solution for replacement of pneumatic top weighting arms

Natural lubrication of spinning rings


Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Limited

Thien Nam, Vietnam
Success is the Result of Hard Work and Total Dedication

The key to success of Indus Group, Pakistan
Indus Group started its business in 1955 with one cotton ginning factory and now they are one of the best established textile groups in ginning, yarn spinning and towel businesses with over US$70 million annual turnover.

Sintex Industries Ltd. - Yarn Division
Sintex Industries Ltd is an Indian conglomerate with operations in textiles and plastics with a turn-over exceeding USD 1 Billion.

Nannu Spinning Mills –
Social Responsibility and Success: No contradiction

Far Eastern Industrial Wuxi, P.R. China
It is a branch of the Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) which was founded in 1945 and now is located in Taiwan.

SSM – combined power of over 300 years of experience