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Graf will present the wide range of products and service solutions for carding and combing, strengthening the leading position as a complete system provider.

Graf manufactures everything from the foundation material and carding wire to the finished flat clothing. This high level of vertical integration allows the maintaining of quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. Low in maintenance and with a long service life, they are exactly matched to our metallic card clothings. Available for any type of card, they are designed especially for excellent carding quality to produce high-grade yarns.

The Graf high-performance circular combs enable an optimal combing process on all combers. The innovative tooth geometry allows optimal reduction of neps and thick and thin places, with lowest noil extraction. The specific steel quality with the subsequent surface treatment ensures a long service life and considerably increases the economic efficiency of the combing process.

Graf’s latest innovation, the new circular comb series Ri-Q-Comb flex, with height adjustable geometry, a detachable spoiler and a 130° combing surface has been developed for high-performance combers of the latest generation.

The high-performance top combs are perfectly complementing the outstanding Graf circular combs. Thanks to the special configuration, precision and subsequent surface treatment, a production increase can be realised while keeping the same sliver quality or an improved sliver quality maintaining the same production rate.

Innovative geometry, excellent material and first-class processing together with an exceptionally long working life make Graf metallic card clothings for roller cards the true quality leaders in the market.

Hipro metallic card clothings can be used on high-performance roller card systems as well as on conventional machines and are suitable for all standard man-made fibres in the nonwoven sector and also for wool. They can be mounted on the following rollers: doffer, worker, stripper and condenser rollers. These excellent, robust clothings are available with normal profile and in interlinked version.

Service machines made by Graf help to maintain the high productivity of the card clothings. Being designed and built in-house, this equipment is perfectly tailored for high-performance card clothings. All service machines are ready for fast use, easy and safe to operate and especially durable thanks to their sturdy construction.