Make the Difference

Card Clothings for any Cotton Yarn Application

Uniquely performing cylinder wires and flexible flats for all requirements in cotton yarn production

New metallic card clothings: Cylinder wire P-1940

  • Consistent sliver quality independent of the trash content – higher than 5% – of the incoming cotton fibers thanks to robust process stability.
  • Extended lifetime of up to 10% thanks to the robust design from the increased blade width.

New flexible flat: resist-O-top C-60 (RSTO C-60)

  • By up to 15% decreased IPI values on fine count yarns as a result of improved parallelization of the fibers.
  • Extended lifetime of more than 20% thanks to application related card wire diameter.
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Product Advantages and Specification at a Glance

Choose the suitable combination of cylinder wire and flexible flats to perfectly operate your cards

  • Most suitable technology components for all applications and requirements in cotton yarn production
  • Lowest yarn costs thanks to highest yield on raw material
  • Smooth operation of consistent yarn quality throughout the entire card clothing lifetime
  • Extended cylinder wire lifetime through CUTTYSHARP (+ 25%) and MULTISHARP (+ 50%) alloys
  • 15% extended lifetime of Graf flexible flats compared to conventional flexible flats
Cylinder Wires
  Trash content
≤ 5%
Trash content
> 5%
Product description P-2040SX0,4 P-1940SX0,4
Surface treatment none, blank hardened none, blank hardened
Height 2.00 mm 1.90 mm
Blade width 0.06 mm 0.09 mm
Points Per Square Inch (PPSI) 966 966
Breast angle 40° 40°
Flexible Flats
 Coarse count yarnMedium and fine count yarnSuperfine count yarn
 < Ne 15Ne 15 – 24Ne 24 – 60Ne 60 – 80> Ne 80
Product descriptionRSTO C-43RSTO C-48RSTO C-55RSTO C-60RSTO C-74

Ensured Success

Significantly increased lifetime without compromising on quality thanks to
card clothings perfectly adapted to the individual requirements.

Partnership built on best value for money.